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HGTV’s Good Bones stars dish on their favorite spots in Indy!


Photo provided by Two Chicks and a Hammer

It’s no secret that mother-daughter duo, Mina and Karen, are a bundle of fun. When they’re not flipping houses and bringing neighborhoods back to life, you’ll find these kick-butt redheads enjoying all that Indy’s local business scene has to offer. When we asked Karen “What made you start writing reviews on Yelp back in 2013?” Her response: “I started using Yelp reviews, so I started writing Yelp reviews.  It seems only fair.”

Last meal on earth in Indianapolis: What would it be and where from?

Karen: “Bluebeard. Chess Pie.  Yes, I would make a meal of pie.  And a Moscow Mule.  If I’m dying, I don’t care about calories any more.”
Mina: “Grilled cheese with a sunny side up egg and truffled honey at Milktooth.”
Photo provided by Two Chicks and a Hammer


Who is your go-to salon in the Circle City?

Karen: “This is going to make everyone so sad.  I do all my hair care at home because I am so cheap.  But if I were to go to a salon, it would be Studio 2000.  They have worked magic with my hair in the past, and have a great waxing salon and spa.”

Mina: “Studio 2000
Who is your go-to local hardware store when you’re in a pinch on the project?
Karen: “Downtown Fuseks!  They know me by name, and if they don’t have what I need, they will order it.”
Mina: “Sudings on East Street”
Photo provided by Two Chicks and a Hammer
When you have a rare free weekend, what does it look like? How do you keep your sanity with such a busy schedule?
Karen: “We have some friends who do winter hikes, which take place all over Indy, and Indiana.  A massage from Jess at Lift on Virginia Avenue fixes everything.  I get all my treats from Wildwood Market.  Sanity?  What Sanity?  and who would want to keep something as mundane as sanity?”
Mina: “I try to work out regularly. It helps keep me sane.”
Lets talk about pups. 
Karen: “You can’t beat Furr for dog grooming or Indy Dog Hound for doggy day care (and adult therapy when needed).  I like the Fountain square animal clinic for veterinary care because they are so close and take such good care of my ancient toy poodle.”
Mina: “I love Indy Hound for doggie daycare!”
Photo provided by Two Chicks and a Hammer
When it comes to staging houses and finding one-of-a-kind furniture in the Circle City, where do you turn?
Karen: “Chatham Home.  Don’t even waste your time going anywhere else.  And make sure you go into the bargain basement.”
Mina: “I love Chatham Home.”
Any favorite fitness studios or forms of exercise around town? As if flipping houses is not enough exercise already… 
Karen: “Invoke for hot yoga, the YMCA for everything else.  I usually go to the City Way Y.”
Mina: “I go to the YMCA on South Street and regularly do Boot Camp and Body Pump. I love their Zumba class but it’s only in the evenings so is tricky to make it to after our days.”

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Photo provided by Two Chicks and a Hammer