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Yelp Elites Speak: Top 10 Places to Eat in Hampton Roads

You’ve read their useful, funny, and cool reviews. You can’t help but notice their shiny profile badges. You most probably have heard of their epic parties. More than this, these urban adventurers and influential tastemakers have put their always in-the-know opinions and votes together to showcase what they believe are the top 10 places to eat in Hampton Roads.

From specialty grilled cheese sandwiches to authentic Chinese, piled high biscuits and Neapolitan pizza, this list takes you on a journey throughout the 757.

Even if you don’t agree with this list, we know one thing is for sure, you’ll find a few new names to add to your list of regular haunts.


Handsome Biscuit, Norfolk
Photo Credit: Vyvy H.


Taste Unlimited: Chesapeake, Newport News, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach
Photo Credit: Jim B.


Hair of the Dog Eatery, Norfolk and Virginia Beach

Photo Credit: Abigail P.


Judy’s Sichuan Cuisine, Virginia Beach

Photo Credit: Justin B.


No Frill Bar & Grill, Norfolk and Virginia Beach

Photo Credit: Maria Teresa C.


The Grilled Cheese Bistro, Norfolk

Photo Credit: Lacey P.


Pizza Bella Vista, Chesapeake

Photo Credit: Joe D.


Steinhilber’s, Virginia Beach

Photo Credit: Kirstina C.


Fire and Vine, Virginia Beach

Photo Credit: Bevan C.


Peter Chang, Virginia Beach

Photo Credit: Jillarae R.

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