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Halifax’s Afternoon Tea Party at the World Tea House

Yelp Halifax's Afternoon Tea Party

Gourmet cupcakes, plenty of tea and learning the ins and outs of choosing the best tea leaves were what it was all about on August 26 when Yelp Halifax threw an afternoon tea party for local Yelpers. Hosted at the World Tea House, Yelpers were treated to five different types of tea – after learning all about how the teas are farmed and prepared, of course. Our friends at Layers provided Yelpers with a variety of gourmet cupcakes to snack on while they listened to tea sommelier Phil share his extensive knowledge. The afternoon was rounded out with nothing else but shopping and using their new tea knowledge to choose their new favorite drink. To see what Yelpers are saying about the Afternoon Tea Party check out the Yelp Page.

Thanks to Our Event Partners:

The World Tea House, Layers