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Madison Elites Learn Grampa’s Is More Than Pizza


The dining room at Grampa’s Pizzeria is typically dimly lit and atmospheric, but on a recent Sunday afternoon, Gil Altshul and Marissa Johnson opened their space early so Yelp Elites could experience fantastic fare during the day. 

House-made mozzarella with tomatoes and balsamic, slow roasted pork confit with giardiniera, mustard and crusty bread and a mushroom risotto with shaved truffles impressed those in attendance, and reminded folks that there’s an entire section of the menu not to be missed, stellar starters and salads worth savoring. 

Pizza is what makes the place popular, though, and there was no shortage of it… truly! Gil and team sampled every pizza on the menu, and guests raved about the Barberini (topped with watercress and local honey), as well as the Brassacre (brussels, bacon, fresh mozzarella and olive oil). 

And while Grampa's food and libations compliments of Doug Weber at Purple Feet Wines anchored our afternoon, it was Gil, who spoke about his background in the kitchen, his history in Madison, and the philosophy he has towards food that truly won over the crowd. Elites were extremely grateful to have had the chance to attend a private experience during a time when the restaurant wouldn’t ordinarily be open, and you can read about their reactions here and look through photos from the event here

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