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Gold Medal Good Times In Greenwood

Is axe throwing the new bowling? Maybe? All we can say for sure is that when you take a bunch of people, put them in one room and give them axes to throw, good times abound. What may sound like an out-of-the-box pursuit is the perfect way to team build, grow confidence, get to know people, work out, and have much more fun than you might even think possible. The Yelp Nashville Elite Squad was treated to an evening of instruction, technique and round-robin play that caused even the most laid back of attendees to turn into bullseye-seeking competitors. Never thrown an axe? No problem. The brilliant team at Backyard Axe Throwing League will turn you into an expert (or, at least make you feel comfortable throwing a cutting tool) in no time. It’s true! Look at these stellar five-star reviews and pour over these pictures. See all the fun they’re having? That could be you. If you’re wondering if ‘only’ axe throwing is enough to spend an entire evening doing… A.) Yes, it is. And B.) BATL has pizza and sandwich delivery options, plenty of soda, water and energy drinks and (pay attention because this is a big one) A FULLY STOCKED BAR! That’s right: you can throw axes and drink beer at the same time. Relax. We won’t tell your mom. As ‘East Nashville’ as this all might sound, get ready to get addicted to your new favorite pursuit. Flannel shirts and beards aren’t required… but you may want one.

Event Sponsor: Backyard Axe Throwing League