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(George) Jonesing To Go Downtown

With all the skinny jeans, long beards and expensive coffees, it’s easy to forget that Nashville was a town built (in part) by country music legends. In order to go forward, one must know his/her past, right? So it came to pass that the Yelp Nashville Elite Squad got the chance to get up close and personal with The Possum. The George Jones boasts river views, an informative & interactive museum and one of the most underrated rooftops in Downtown Nashville. Elites had the chance to take all of that in while enjoying a selection of lite bites, colorful cocktails, a George Jones-inspired scavenger hunt, and the incredible live music of Carl Wockner. Don’t just take our word for it! Check out the reviews here and the photos here. If you’re new to town or a grizzled vet, The George Jones offers a peek into the world of a Nashville original and a view of the city you might have overlooked.

Event Sponsors: The George JonesCarl WocknerBenjamin Gibbs Photography