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Frozen treats you need to try this summer

Summer is in full swing! As temperatures rise, so do searches for frozen treats as people from coast to coast seek to indulge in something cold, delicious, and refreshing. Luckily for us in Southern California, we have plenty of options to cool us down after a long day on the beach in Encinitas or after hiking in Poway! We got the scoop from our local experts, members of the North County San Diego Yelp Elite Squad, on what frozen treats are a must try this summer.

#1: Halo Halo

Halo halo frozen treats from Snoice in San Diego California.
Snoice, San Diego

Halo Halo means “mix mix” so you’ll want to mix up everything while you enjoy this sweet dessert made of ice, fruits, and sweet beans. It is typically served with a variety of toppings including ube halaya (purple yam jam), leche flan (egg custard), coconut jelly, and sweetened condensed milk. 

North County Elite Recommendations: Niko’s Halo-Halo & Sari-Sari (Poway), Snoice (Kearny Mesa & Spring Valley), Lutchi and Mary (San Marcos)

Check out the video on @YelpSanDiego featuring Snoice’s custom halo halo bar.

#2: Wine & Beer Slushies

Wine and beer slushies – frozen treats from Orfila Vineyards Tasting Room and Kitchen in Oceanside California.
Orfila Vineyards Tasting Room & Kitchen, Oceanside

These refreshing drinks are perfect for when you want to cool down but don’t want to sacrifice your favorite alcoholic beverage!

North County Elite Recommendations: Orfila Vineyards (Oceanside & Escondido) and Pure Project (Vista, Carlsbad, Balboa Park, North Park, Miramar)

Check out the video on @YelpSanDiego featuring Orfila Vineyards’ frozen wine.

#3: Shave Ice

Shave ice, a frozen treat from Wahine Kai Shave Ice, Kona Coffee and Tea Station at Scripps Ranch California.
Wahine Kai Shave Ice, Kona Coffee and Tea Station, Scripps Ranch

Brightly colored fruit syrups are blended with fine shaved ice to make a dessert that delights both eyes and taste buds. You can choose to enjoy it over ice cream and top it with other treats like sweetened condensed milk, li hing mui powder (a tangy plum powder), whipped cream, boba pearls, or even fresh fruit for an island-inspired treat no matter where you are.

North County Elite Recommendations: Wahine Kai Shave Ice, Kona Coffee and Tea Station (Scripps Ranch), Aloha Ice Co (Carlsbad)

Check out the video on @YelpSanDiego featuring shave ice from Wahine Kai Shave Ice.

#4: Mangonada

Mangonada, a frozen treat from La Michoacana Estrella in Pacific Beach, California.
La Michoacana Estrella, Pacific Beach & Escondido

It’s sweet, tangy, and a sometimes a little spicy! Also called mangoneada or chamango this is a refreshing treat made from mango sherbert and chamoy sauce topped with Tajín chili powder. Chamoy sauce is a sweet-and-sour Mexican condiment made from fruits, vegetables and chilies. The combination is totally unique and absolutely addictive—so much so that it’s often called “the candy of Mexico.”

North County Elite Recommendations: La Michoacana Estrella (Escondido & Pacific Beach), Disfruta (San Marcos), Carmelita’s Snack (Vista)

#5: Ice Cream & Gelato

Matcha ice cream from Matcha Cafe Maiko, a frozen treat to enjoy in Escondido, California.
Matcha Cafe Maiko, Escondido

They’re on everyone’s summer treat list and both come in endless flavors. The key difference between the two lies in how much air is whipped into them during the freezing process: gelato has less air than ice cream because it is churned at a slower speed; this makes it denser. Authentic gelato typically uses more milk and less cream than ice cream.

North County Elite Recommendations: Ice cream taco from Little Fox Cups & Cones (Encinitas), gelato speakeasy at An’s Hat Makers (Del Mar), and matcha soft serve from Matcha Cafe Maiko (Escondido & Kearny Mesa)

Check out the video on @YelpSanDiego featuring gold plated matcha soft serve from Matcha Cafe Maiko.

What treat will be keeping you cool this summer? Find a new local favorite in your city or show some love to the spot that holds some of your sweetest childhood memories by sharing your experience on Yelp!