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Taking The Fear Out Of Bread Baking

Cold butter will make your breads flaky, melted butter will make your breads fluffy…

And a bajillion other bread baking mysteries solved! Over 84 burning (bread) questions were submitted before Yelp’s Virtual Bread Baking Class with Fearless Bread. Chef Reginald tackled them all and then some.

For more mind blowing tips/tricks and behind the scene giggles (think: exploding butter) read the reviews on our event page: Yelp Fearlessly Bakes Bread

On Tuesday, August 11th, Yelpers from all timezones gathered in their kitchens to attend a virtual event like none other; Chef Reginald of Fearless Bread and Yelp Tampa Bay Present: Quick Breads. Event guests were given instruction on how to make orange cream scones as well as a copycat version of “Cheddar Bay Biscuits.”

Along with demonstrating each step of the recipe, Chef Reginald offered the “why” behind it all. From technical explanations like the difference between baking soda and baking powder, to you-wouldn’t-believe-you-ever-did-it-any-other way tips such as how to measure flour properly without a scale, Chef Reginald revealed all! His charismatic energy and enthusiasm kept students engaged the whole time.

Orange cream scone evolution shared by Dawn M.

Thanks to Chef Reginald for replacing our fear with fearlessness!  We are now feeling confident in our abilities to tackle bread and even get creative with it! In the words of Lionel Richie, by way of Yelp Elite from Rockville, MD: “It was easy, easy like Sunday morning.

I thought I had been to some great virtual Yelp events but Chef Reginald baked the competition right out of the water. From the very start, Chef Reginald of Fearless Bread was calm, cool, collected all while displaying such confidence and knowledge! 

Krista M. Yelp Elite from Playa del Rey, Los Angeles, CA

Are you interested in learning from Chef Reginald? Keep your eyes out on the Yelp community calendar! Yelp Fearlessly Bakes Bread Level 2 is coming!

Chef Reginald is a former bakery owner. He currently owns and operates Fearless Bread, a cooking school in Tampa, FL. Connect with Reginald on his website, and follow him on Instagram @FearlessBread. This way you too can take classes with our favorite teacher.