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Escape The Boring In Berry Hill

Music. Meat & 3s. Escape Games. These are all things Nashville is known for — or should be. Escape Game/Room pioneer, The Escape Game, is an industry leader in the incredibly fun pastime. Not only is it a way to tease your brain and have clear-headed fun, it’s an amazing way to get to know people, work together in groups, team build, and form bonds. The Yelp Nashville Elite Squad got to experience all of the above when they put on their detective caps at Encyclopedia Yelp. Splitting up into four teams, our intrepid Elites tackled Prison Break, Mission to Mars, Special Ops, and The Heist. After a fun-filled and clue-fraught hour, three teams emerged victorious and got to take the fabled ‘I Escaped’ photo of forever bragging rights. To all the victors came the spoils of gift cards to Logan’s Roadhouse to experience their new dinner menu. But beyond prizes and tasty eats, this event gave Elites the chance to get to know one another, work together and form lasting bonds. It’s no surprise, then, that so many attendees declared this to be their favorite event — ever! It’s true! Check out the reviews here and the photos here. The Berry Hill Escape Game campus offers a multitude of ways to have one-of-a-kind fun. With an ever-changing roster of game options and a never-ending bucket of clues to get you through the room (the hour goes quickly!), you’re sure to have an experience you’ll remember for a quite a while and one that you’re going to want to repeat again and again. Next time you’re thinking about a way to spend an evening, take a break from the craft cocktails and small plates and escape your usual routine. The Escape Game Nashville is waiting. Those clues won’t solve themselves.

Event Sponsors: The Escape Game Nashville • Logan’s Roadhouse