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Elites Take Center Stage In “Help My Yelp”

Help my Yelp food network tv show

Did you catch the premiere of “Help My Yelp” on Food Network last week? Host and restaurant consultant Monti Carlo ventures to Kennesaw, GA to help the staff at Barbecue Street find a path to 5-star success. Using insight from online reviews, “Help My Yelp” follows Monti as she makes simple fixes in each restaurant’s kitchen and trains the staff on providing great customer service to improve the overall dining experience.

In order to identify which areas of need to focus on first, local Yelp Elite Squad members are brought in to dine incognito and provide helpful feedback to the staff following their meals. With that, Monti Carlo’s consulting expertise comes in, as she provides a variety of tips to revive the operation. When all fixes are put into place, a different group of Elite Yelpers comes in to evaluate the new and improved business.

Who exactly are these Elite Yelpers?

Besides being role models both on and off Yelp, they write well-written reviews, high quality tips, have a detailed personal profile, an active voting and complimenting record, and a history of playing well with others. They seek out the best experiences in their hometowns and so it’s only fitting they play a big role in this new TV series.

Below are five Elites featured on the very first episode of “Help My Yelp”!

Daniel B

With more than 2,600 reviews under his belt, this Atlanta resident has been on the Elite Squad for nine years. A self proclaimed “UYE Wizard,” Daniel hosts a variety of Unofficial Yelp Events for the community, making him a cornerstone of Yelp Atlanta.

Jamarcus T

Jamarcus recently surpassed 1,000 reviews! While his reviews are certainly impressive, it’s his photos that have also earned him recognition in the Yelp Atlanta community. 3,192 and counting!


Earle H

While only sporting the Elite badge for two years, Earle’s detailed reviews and BBQ expertise makes him a perfect fit for “Help My Yelp.” He’s always on the hunt for more places to Yelp about and loves any and everything chicken related.

Samantha H

This Atlantan is always on the hunt for the next best thing to eat. Her reviews seek to find the delicate balance of useful, funny, and cool, so you know you can rely on them to be both helpful and entertaining.

Jang C

Another prolific Georgian, Jang has more than 1,000 reviews under his belt and 6,600 useful votes and counting. When it comes to BBQ, he’s reviewed many joints all around the region, making him a great fit to put Barbecue Street on the map.

To watch more Yelp Elites around the country do what they do best, be sure to catch “Help My Yelp” on the Food Network Mondays at 10pm / 9pm Central.