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Elites Enjoy New Dumplings In Bernal Heights!

In celebrating women’s history month in March, we wanted to highlight a 100% woman owned business in San Francisco. We appreciate Julia and Sandy, owners of United Dumplings, for welcoming our SF Yelp Elites. Elites enjoyed Julia’s favorite dish on the menu: Korean BBQ Beef dumplings!

Shout out to our Yelp Elites for further supporting United Dumplings and trying more food off the menu. Elites tried everything from crispy shrimp toast and pea shoots to jumbo XLBs and  dan dan noodles. These were traditional dishes inspired from Northern China, with a fusion of the owners’ grandma’s handed-down recipes, while incorporating new flavors that represent the owners. ⁠⁠

Images by Tracy Z and Carmina R., Yelp Elites

“My favorite dish was the Korean bbq dumplings! No wonder it was the star perk item! The jumbo XLB was surprisingly good, I thought given it’s size it would have to sacrifice flavor or dough thickness but it was just like your classic xiao long bao but jumbo! I was also informed that they make all their dumplings fresh! Can’t want to try their other dumpling flavors and noodles next time. Thank you United dumplings for hosting and Yelp for introducing me to this local gem.”- Tracy Z., Yelp Elite

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Thank you to our event sponsor: United Dumplings