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Yelp Elite Event @ Cocktail & Burger!

Apparently this place does cocktails and burgers… Yip, it definitely does cocktails and burgers… who'd a thunk it?!

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With a buzz already reverberating around the glasgow munch and slurp scene and countless 'ooft, amazing!' reviews popping up on that there Yelp, it seemed like a totally obvious choice to get the community down to what is quickly becoming the place to be on Sausageroll Street!

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Descending the stairs into this uber cool bar, Yelpers were greeted with a smile and a wonderful choice of the C&B peach or strawberry daiquiri. With chatter flowing and the bar filling up to bursting point (on a Monday to boot!) the grub started to make it's way around the eger bunch! Chicken skewers, wings, mini burgers, stealth fries… you name it, we ate it!

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Topping off the night of awesome, the belly full bunch were treated to a choice of cocktails from the extensive menu. White Russian? Aye! Martini? Aye! You name it, we drank it!

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It's hard not to see the appeal of this place. It's slick, underground, bursting with quality foods, drinks and spot on efficient service entirely justifies the glowing reviews it's received so far. It's fair to say that last nights event may well have just secured them some new C&B converts! 

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Big thanks go to the C&B staff on the night, the management and the social media dude Ross for saying 'Yelp? Aye, mon in for a chat!'. The guys here really know how to treat a customer, whether it's a sole punter ordering up a classic cheese burger, or a big ass bunch of Yelpers doing there thing!

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As always with the Yelp events, you can leave your own feedback on the night by popping over to the event listing and writing a review! All wordies are forwarded onto the biz themselves… it's just our chance to say 'Cheers and we'll be back!'.

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As ever we doff our cap to resident photo dude Mr A Watson. Without his snazzy snappy skills we'd never see all those photos of us with our mouths full and looking daft… thanks Ally?

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I've been Chris D. As ever you can find me here, Yelp here, here and of course here.

See you on Yelp ya crazy bunch!