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Elite Virtual Event With Surrendered Healing

Adelina Tancioco is a Bay Area native and the founder of Surrendered Healing. To close out Women’s History Month, she took our Yelp Elites on a journey to go beyond their comfort zone and into their true calling.

The 1-hour workshop filled with meditation, journal writing, and an essential oils activity, taught the Yelp Elites how to manifest their future, seek growth, find intuition, and heal. Yelp Elites had the opportunity to order a free healing kit with a $10 flat rate for shipping. This special curated package included: essential oils, a notebook, candle, matches, and peppermint rose tea from a local tea shop in San Francisco, Red Blossom Tea Company.

“As we delved deeper into each category, I felt like she totally understood me. I’ve been having anxiety about my future career and she somehow tapped into that topic and made everything so relatable. Her stories empowered me to pursue what I’ve been wanting to. Remember, don’t sell yourself short!”- Jackie R., Yelp Elite

Check out what more Elites are saying about their experience. 

Thank you to our event sponsor: Surrendered Healing