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Elite Takeover @ The Kitchens

Shockingly overlooked in the Manchester Food Scene, the 6 amazing traders currently set up in The Kitchens last night opened their doors to 40 ravenous Yelp Elites (and a couple of newbies) and let them takeover for the night!

Things were kicked off with a fantastic pint of Ale from our friends at Shindigger Brew Company before we heard from each of the street food traders about their story so far.

Once our brains had been boggled by the dedication and passion of these fantastic traders, it was time to eat, and boy, eat we did. Each trader had prepared a fantastic taster of their menu and our Elites dug into to their choice of 3 different options. Another pint of Ale was then needed as our guests rubbed their bellies and basked in the taste sensation they just enjoyed.

A thoroughly enjoyable evening, made possible by the wonderful folks at: Bangers & Bacon and Well Hung, Chaart Cart, Dim Sum Su, The Hip Hop Chip Shop and of course Nasi Lemak. A big thanks as well to ShinDigger Brewery for providing some fantastic ale to go perfectly with our food.

Check out all the amazing photos on Facebook and take a look at the glowing reviews on Yelp as they begin to come in.