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Elite Secret Supper

On Tuesday 24th of November the Belfast Elite Squad enjoyed a night that was shrouded in mystery and intrigue for weeks. The Secret Supper event held at Birdcage was arguably the Belfast’s best Elite event to date, there was plenty of food, cocktails and great people.

The event, in truth, began when it was uploaded on to the Events Page a few weeks back as the Elite Squad began to guess the venue. Over the two weeks leading up to the event they were given clues and asked to guess where they thought the event was going to be held. The Elite Squad were given a meeting location and the venue was kept secret right up until it began at 8pm on Tuesday 24th November.

Once at Birdcage the 20 Elites were treated to a cocktail on arrival and the venue’s full ‘Stay Bar’ menu including their famous wings and alcohol infused ice cream. That wasn’t the end of the mystery though. The Elites took part in some blind cocktail tasting to see who had the best taste buds. Each group of ten were given three cocktail to taste and then asked to guess which ones they had tasted. Their efforts were then marked one remarkably we only had one Elite who guessed all the cocktails correctly. Birdcage were generous enough to treat that Yelper to a full meal voucher.

The Secret Supper was a fantastic night and one that was thoroughly enjoyed by the whole Belfast Elite Squad. Read the reviews and have a look at the snaps here.