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Elite Experience with Eat It & Beet It in Portland, ME

Eat It & Beet It is one of Portland’s newest, hottest food trucks. They’re serving up handcrafted gourmet burgers and sides to meat AND plant-based diets (they even have gluten-free options). Something for everyone? You know we like that! And so did the local Yelp Elite Squad who recently visited at our latest event…

Photo by Crystal C via Yelp

Before I ordered I took a photo of the menu on the side of the truck and chatted with the owner. I learned she was previously a pastry chef and makes all of her own sauces. I ordered the Hawaiian and my husband got the Dragon’s Breath. I also ordered a side of fries with the homemade ranch and burger sauce on the side. Everything was unbelievably tasty. It is very clear the chef understands flavor profiles (I actually told her this which is what led to her telling me she was a pastry chef). Before I left, I ordered a classic burger and fries to go for my dad. It was the best burger he’s had in recent memory.

Gabrielle D, Yelp Elite
Photo by Eva H via Yelp

‘The Hangover’ (beef, cheese,egg, hash brown, bacon, lemon arugula and hollandaise ) did not disappoint. It was basically an entire breakfast spread all in one bit. Warning- don’t get this if you’re on a first date, trying to look cute, or like you have any kind of etiquette at all because it literally explodes flavor! My first bite had yolk gushing down my hand and into the tray and hollandaise decorating my shirt. No complaints here… but this burger wasn’t messing around! The bacon and hash browns were crisped to my liking–no floppy potato strings here and the lemon arugula was a nice fresh touch to top it all off.

Crystal C, Yelp Elite

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About Eat It & Beet It

Eat It & Beet It provides handcrafted gourmet burgers and sides to both meat and plant-based diets (as well as offering gluten-free options too!). Started by Lea Verrill who said, “It’s thrilling to see how people get excited about food. There’s so many possibilities to make one’s own mark in the food scene here in Maine. I’m excited to offer my own twists on favorites.”⁠

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