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Elite Experience at PDX Cookie Co

Photo by Yelp Elite Romeo C

For the Elites that didn’t get enough sweets at Valentine’s, Yelp and PDX Cookie Co partnered together to provide a handful of lucky Elites with a custom mini-monster cookie, named “The Yelp!” 

PDX Cookie Co doesn’t make any regular, ordinary cookie. Their mini-monsters are huge, over 12 ounces, and cannot be made vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, or sugar-free. The custom flavor designed for Yelp was a chocolate chip brownie cookie stuffed with a surprise red frosting to match Yelp brand red!

Take it from Yelp Elite Benjamin M: “‘The Yelp’ one was called a mini-monster, but was huge! Four people could get their sugar fix with one of these! It was an interesting mix of chocolate chip and brownie cookies with a thick center of vibrant red buttercream and a red drizzle. It had good flavor and texture…I like this place’s fun, maximalist approach to cookies, and I will be back. They have a lot of fun flavors!”

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Visit PDX Cookie Co’s website and Yelp page to get your hands on one of these monsters!

Photos by Yelp Elites John K, Romeo C, and Steven B