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Elite Experience at Daily Greens in Portland, ME

May is National Salad Month. And why wouldn’t it be? It’s the unofficial kick-off to summer here in Maine after all, and who doesn’t love a big bowl of fresh, healthy ingredients when it’s warm outside? So we partnered with Daily Greens in the Portland Public Market House where our local Yelp Elite Squad got to try any salad off the menu they wanted (or they could get creative and make their own). The reviews are in: these salads are unbeLEAFable!

Photo credit: Jules F via Yelp

There’s nothing like a salad for lunch, in my opinion. And although I eat salads throughout the week, I have to recognize that I don’t make the BEST salads. They’re hard to master and I just haven’t gotten there yet. It’s places like Daily Greens that remind me of that. This was hands down one of the best salads I’ve had — it was the perfect balance of veggies + toppings + dressing + cheese… it was huge and so fulfilling. Everything was so fresh!

Amaury J, Yelp Elite
Photo credit: Beth C via Yelp

Daily Greens isn’t messing around when they make a cobb salad! This thing had some weight to it. It wasn’t one of those salads where you take a few bites and you’ve eaten all the toppings, and are stuck with a boring bowl of lettuce. There was a whole egg nicely sliced, avocado, big chunks of blue cheese, and real pieces of bacon. I’ve got a hearty appetite and I easily got two meals out of this baby! I should mention I ate it on two different days and everything was still fresh, with the lettuce green and crispy, not sad and wilting.

Crystal C, Yelp Elite

Read the rave reviews from the event to relive the experience! 

About Daily Greens

Daily Greens is committed to providing healthy, fresh, inspired salad creations focusing on the wellbeing of their customers, their community, and the environment. Their ingredients are sourced from small and local farmers, producers, and growers who use humane and sustainable farming methods. Daily Greens strives to make the smallest impact/carbon footprint on the environment and utilizes only biodegradable and compostable packing for all salads.

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