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Elite Event at Delish Ethiopian Cuisine in Seattle, WA

Photos by Jennifer J. and Rose W.

In May, Black and Gold Badge Elites (5-10+ year Elites) were treated to an exclusive Elite Event at Delish Ethiopian Cuisine in Seattle, Washington. Delish Ethiopian Cuisine is no stranger to being on Yelp’s radar, as they were featured on Yelp’s Top 100 Vegan Eats in U.S. and Canada for 2022. 

Delish Ethiopian Cuisine is a husband and wife (Delish and Amy Lemma) owned restaurant, which had opened just months before the pandemic hit. During the pandemic they kept up with deliveries (made by Delish himself) in order to keep afloat. 

The restaurant itself was brought to life by Amy, who made an incredible homage to Ethiopian women. The restaurant is adorned with portraits of women, chairs directly from Ethiopia with women carved into them, and more. Amy is also the primary chef at Delish Ethiopian Cuisine.

Elites were treated to an evening full of drinks, food, and conversation with fellow Yelpers. During the first hour of the event, Elites were able to take part in a social hour with each other as well as with the owners of the restaurant.

The second half of the event brought on the food – all the Elites were able to pre-order any entrée of choice off of the menu. Some Elites braved the Delish Combo (a veggie and meat combo platter) meant for two, while others decided not to push their limits and go for more simple dishes like the Cabbage Wot. In the end, everybody left stuffed and with a new experience under their belt.

“An absolutely spectacular event. I’m already a huge fan of Ethiopian food, so I don’t need to be sold on it further. But the personal touch of meeting the business owners, hearing the story of their restaurant and the difficulties of opening during Covid – it was the kind of opportunity offered by Yelp that still makes it special and so rewarding to be an Elite.” – Black Badge Elite Diana X.

Check out the event page for Elite reviews and photos from the evening!

About the business, Delish Ethiopian Cuisine:

Delish Ethiopian Cuisine is a family-owned business. Our family is committed to preparing your meals with freshest ingredients that are wholesome and safe to eat.

The restaurant is owned by Delish and his wife Amy (who is also the head chef).

At Delish, we treat our visitors like family and whether it’s our large variety of veggie cuisines, finger-licking meat-based dishes, and anything in between; we will make sure that when you come to Delish Ethiopian Cuisine, you get one of the most satisfying dining experiences around.

Visit their website, Instagram, and Yelp page.