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Droppin’ Crepeology Science In Albuquerque

A new venture by aspiring University of New Mexico graduates, Crepeology closed doors on Tuesday to host a fun group of Yelp Elites, and they stumbled out of the door absolutely stuffed. What a dynamic event! After grabbing name tags and schwag, guests sat down to a personalized survey, and the business used the occasion to pick the brains of these local foodies. Better yet, the reviews tell the story, here’s a quote: “This YEE Happy Hour Elite Event was what all Elite Events should be – an introduction to a small contingency of the ABQ Elite Team to a new local business and the opportunity for a business to get some ‘expert advice’. The Crepeology Team was completely open to suggestions from ‘customers’ who are always looking at local businesses from a perspective of what works and what doesn’t work.” Well said. Find photos here!