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Clean Your Car Like a Pro in Fresno

Clean Your Car Like a Pro with Curbside Detail – Yelp Fresno
Clean Your Car Like a Pro with Curbside Detail – Yelp Fresno

At this virtual event, local and national Yelpers were given the skinny on how to clean their cars like the professionals do.

Luan, the owner of Curbside Detail, talked us through his best tips and tricks for keeping your car interior squeaky clean. His career began at Jaguar, where he learned how to detail cars. But his entrepreneurial spirit wouldn’t fade, so he jumped ship and started his own business back in 2016. Now Curbside Detail has its own garage where they offer washes, details, and upkeep like waxing and ceramic coating. They’re also mobile and perform call-outs to homes and offices across Fresno and Clovis.

Luan owner of Curbside Detail in Clovis

Needless to say we learned a lot. Did you know that microfiber cloths are your best friend? If you did, did you know that they shed when they’ve been exposed to too much heat? Yep, if your cloths are leaving dust behind, it’s time to toss those badboys and get some new ones.

For the more adventurous cleaners among us, Luan also recommended the Tornador cleaning tool. It uses compressed air and a funnel to blow dirt up and out of fabrics. It works like a dream on floor mats and carpets.

Luan was on hand to answer all of our Yelpers’ pressing questions. What’s the best cleaning solution for your dashboard? How do you get stains out of the seats? Is there an easy way to clean the intricate fibers of a seatbelt? We had more questions than we had time to answer.

Curbside Detail were kind enough to offer 20% off all wash services for two weeks. They also gave away one full exterior detail worth $150!

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