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Chicago Hurls Hatchets With Backyard Axe Throwing League

Have you ever thrown an axe? If you said “no,” you’re on the same page as 30 Chicago Elites earlier this month, until they gathered together at Backyard Axe Throwing League in Portage Park on November 14. Not only did this group chuck some hatchets at targets for the first time, but they also ended the night by competing against one another for the coveted Champions Trophy!

Elites were invited to arrive at 7pm, and as each person arrived, they were invited to start a coaching session with an axe throwing pro from Backyard Axe Throwing League. Everyone was able to practice throwing several times before it was time to gather ’round and prepare for a good ol’ axe throwing competition.

Everyone was separated into groups of two, and each person was able to chuck their axe at the target a few times before their swings counted toward their score. After several rounds, more and more people lost and were taken out of the competition, until few Elites remained.

The fun didn’t end for those who didn’t make it to the final rounds, though: several throwing lanes were still open for fun, and Tatas Tacos showed up to serve some treats, including carne asada tacos, elote, taquitos, flan, and hibiscus agua fresca. Um, YUM! Thank you, Tatas Tacos!

After an intense competition, the top two throwing spots were given to Elites Elizabeth W and Ryan P. The two provided edge-of-your-seat entertainment, with Elizabeth throwing in heels like a goddess and Ryan making a comeback during his last few throws to end up taking all. While there was only one winner, everyone walked away with a new skill and full tummies.

Congratulations to overall winner Ryan P!

Thank you so much to the team at Backyard Axe Throwing League in Portage Park and Tatas Tacos for a memorable night!

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