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Chicago Gets Spooky With The International Museum of Surgical Science

October is all about the creepy, weird, and unexpected, so how could anyone resist a celebration of start of the season with a private Yelp Elite Event at the International Museum of Surgical Science on Lake Shore Drive? IMSS invited 100 Elites for an after-hours cocktail evening, complete with light bites from Beyond Events Catering, a selection of wine from Cooper’s Hawk Winery, and beers from Tsingtao. Guayakí Yerba Mate featured their lightly caffeinated non-alcoholic teas, and Essentia Water was on-site, making sure everyone stayed hydrated while museum employees provided free mini morbid tours of exhibits throughout the building.

Each Elite was greeted promptly at 6pm at the entrance of the four-story historic mansion that holds the museum, and had free range to explore every inch of the space until 8pm, while doors were closed to the public. It’s sweet to be Elite, isn’t it?

Once they ascended the main marble staircase, they were greeted with a bar on the second floor, where they could choose from Cooper’s Hawk Red, Cooper’s Hawk White, Cooper’s Hawk Prosecco, Tsingtao, Guayakí, or Essentia Water to drink. Yelp Spooky Bingo cards sat on each table to help break the ice for both new and veteran Elites in attendance, and conversation flowed easily and vibrantly.

One of the stars of the evening was definitely the menu provided by Beyond Events Catering of Berwyn. They featured gluten-free, vegetarian, and meat-friendly options, including:

  • Beef tenderloin brioche canapés
  • Truffle chicken salad cucumber cups (these were gluten-free!)
  • Grilled tuna wasabi crisps
  • Mushroom and tomato jam stuffed baby red potatoes (gluten-free and vegan)
  • Duck and gouda wonton purses
  • Baked brie and fig jam tartlets (vegan)
  • And portobello mushroom gnocchi spoons (vegan)

And of course, the morbid tours provided by employees at the International Museum of Surgical Science were an incredible hit. Not only were Elites able to explore the museum as they pleased for two full hours, but they also had the opportunity to be led through certain exhibits and learn even more about each item they saw, from old paintings to vintage scalpels. Spooky!

Thank you so much to the team at The International Museum of Surgical Science for hosting such a fabulous kickoff to October!

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To learn more about the International Museum of Surgical Science, check them out here.

Special thanks to our sponsors:

International Museum of Surgical Science | Beyond Events Catering | Cooper’s Hawk Winery | Tsingtao | Guayakí Yerba Mate | Essentia Water

All official event photos by Lauren Patrick Photography.