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Celebrate National Popcorn Day with these 12 Indiana businesses

Left to right: Groomsville Popcorn, Just Pop In!, Popcorn Indiana, PopKorn Kernels with a Twist

National Popcorn Day is coming up on Wednesday, January 19 and we’re looking to Indiana businesses to celebrate. As one of the top popcorn-producing states, you’ll find adventurous popcorn flavors, locally-grown kernels, and fabulous seasonings that can be shipped right to your door.

Amazing Hazel’s – ships to USA and Canada
Order the Premium Seasoning Blend and shake it on top.

SoChatti – ships to USA
Order the To-Go Chocolate Pack, warm the packet in hot water, and drizzle it over.

FoodLoveTog – ships to USA
Order the LemonPeppa Signature Seasoning and toss it on top.

The Olive Mill – ships to USA
Order the 4 in 1 Gourmet Bread Dip Seasoning and sprinkle the parmesan blend on top.

Groomsville Popcorn – ships to USA
Try the spicy white cheddar popcorn. 

Just Pop In! Gourmet Popcorn Shop – ships to USA
Try the caramel & cheddar mix popcorn. 

Market Square Popcorn – ships worldwide
Try the kettle popcorn.

PopKorn Kernels with a Twist – ships to USA and UK
Try the buffalo cheddar and chili lime popcorn.

Hoosier Popcorn – ships from Indiana groceries only
Try bags of fresh kernels to pop at home. 

Popcorn Indiana – ships from various stores across USA
Try the Himalayan pink salt popcorn.

Black Jewell Popcorn – ships to USA and Canada
Try the sweet & salty microwavable popcorn.

Fresh Pop’d Popcorn Company – ships to USA
Try the jalapeño cheddar or turtle popcorn.