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HaVing A Burger Bounty In Hillsboro Village

Burger places are pretty common these days. But, burger places that offer an assortment of top-grade beef, fresh ingredients, unique fry combinations -and sauces to go with-, local beers, addictive milkshakes, be-our-guest service, and THE IMPOSSIBLE BURGER… well, that’s a little harder to come by. Thankfully for the hungry folks of Hillsboro Village, Hopdoddy Burger Bar is here to make all sorts of burger dreams come true. The Yelp Nashville Elite Squad was privileged to experience these burger masterpieces in two ways. First was the bonanza. Lucky Elites had the chance to fraternize on the Hopdoddy pation while an assortment of fries, burgers and local beers made their way to the crowd in a constant stream of burger bliss. Second came the bounty. Fortunate Elites had the chance to experience Hopdoddy meal service from start to finish, as they ordered, sat, were waited on and enjoyed their choice of burger, fries, beer, and milkshake. Either way they experienced it, Elites were left very full and very impressed. Check out the reviews here and here and photos of the good stuff here and here. While there are choices in Middle Tennessee about where to grab a burger, there’s only one choice for where to experience an array of choice, taste, hospitality, and food originality. There’s a reason the lines are so long in Hillsboro Village. Come see why that is for yourself.

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