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Bringing Sushi To Brentwood

When it comes to succulent, high-end sushi, you might not immediately think of the suburbs. You would be wrong. Brentwood’s new Hill Center Complex houses the incredible Asian creations of Nama Sushi and the Yelp Nashville Elite Squad was all too eager and excited to see whether or not ‘burb sushi stacked up to what you would find in the heart of the city. The verdict: does it ever! This five course journey into the future of Japanese fusion featured everything from Asiago crab dip to seaweed salad to miso soup to more nigiri, sushi, maki, and hot plate options than you’d ever expect to encounter to chocolate truffles. Oh, and did we mention the bar program, which spotlighted the Kentucky Mule signature drink of the evening? And what about the crisp, clean décor and overly warm & welcoming service? Nama Sushi is all that and a bag of shrimp chips. If you need to know more, check out the reviews here and photos here. Brentwood is no longer ‘just’ Nashville’s closest southern suburb. It’s home to dining options that mirror the best you would find in Music City.

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