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Boss-Level Breakfast (And, Lunch!) In Berry Hill

Southerners take breakfast seriously. And, when it comes to biscuits, they take things very seriously. The standards are high. Mee-maws are invoked. And everyone take a stand from which they aren’t likely to retreat. So that’s a bit why when it comes to breakfast, old standards will never lose out to new trends. Y’see while hip neighborhoods and high prices might be fashionable for a while, when it comes to breakfast… in the South… there’s nothing like the real thing. Homegrown. In other words, Nashville Jam Café. And the Yelp Nashville Elite Squad got the chance to experience just how delicious, authentic, quaint, and country a real Nashville breakfast can be. Settled in the residential/commercial hybrid that is Berry Hill, Nashville Jam Café lives up to its namesake and offers all sorts of sweet and savory jams. From blackberry to peach habanero, you’re sure to find a topping for those legendary biscuits. And if biscuits alone aren’t enough, you just might need to experience the bronut: a cheesecake-stuffed biscuit topped with blueberry compote. This is real breakfast, Southern-style… and those are just the starters. Elites tried their fill of hot chicken biscuits, Louisiana-styled omelets, meat & 3’s, maple bacon brussel sprouts, gouda grits, and fried green tomato burritos. You read that right. And in case you were wondering, nearly all fell into an immediate food coma. In case you need to read more, you can check out the reviews here and the photos here. When it comes to breakfast, trends come and go but it’s hard to beat the real thing. Don’t just take the Yelp Elite Squad’s opinion (although you can); try it for yourself and leave time for a nap.

Event Sponsor: Nashville Jam Café