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Black-owned plant shops in the U.S.

Springtime is upon us and that means “planty” things of all kinds are in full bloom. Yelp has enthusiastically supported Black-owned businesses in several ways, such as the launch of our Black-owned business attribute and our partnership with My Black Receipt. We’ve also brought you interesting blog posts about plant businesses like “Top 25 trendy plant shops” and just recently, “Top plant nurseries in North America.” With that being said, we are thrilled to bring to you our Collection of Black-owned plant shops across the U.S. From Birds and Bees Nursery in Portland to Shades of Moss in Charlotte, the Black-owned plant shop community is growing and thriving!

Click on each photo below to visit their Yelp page directly.

Be sure to follow this Collection of brick and mortar businesses on Yelp and note that there are many Black-owned online plant shops to support as well. We think it’s safe to say the houseplant wave of recent years is here to stay. Black business owners and plant-parents have made it their mission to continue to spread green thumb love across the country. We’re excited to share with you a Collection that brings together the best of both worlds… Black-owned plant shops across the U.S.!

Note: Many businesses have been affected by COVID-19, and certain services, facilities, and amenities may be altered. Always check official business updates before your visit.