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Birmingham Elites enjoy lunch with Gilchrist

Last month, The Yelp Birmingham Elite Squad was able to connect with a local institution – Gilchrist in Mountain Brook Village. Since we are not quite to the point of doing large gatherings, we decided that doing an Elite Week would be best. An Elite Week is where our exclusive Yelp Elites are able to go in and get a special free deal anytime throughout the chosen week.

For our Elite Week with Gilchrist, people were able to go and pick any sandwich, get a bag of chips and one of Gilchrist’s famous limeades. Yelpers enjoyed egg salad, chicken salad, hot beef and most popular was the BLT and pimento sandwich. So many Yelpers didn’t even know this place existed. Now they can’t wait to go back.

Special thanks to Gilchrist for hosting us. Please follow Gilchrist and Yelp Birmingham on Instagram. Want to see the amazing 5 star reviews and pictures. Check those out HERE.