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Be The Very Best Vegan Guest!

“It’s the holidays and you’re invited…”

Panicking yet? No one wants to be *that* vegan guest (kale chips are so 2011). Whether attending a soirée that’s filled with foodies clamoring over cheese boards and delicate pastry or a kitschy shindig packed with comfort food fans pounding pigs in blankets and (un)chicken wings, Yelp knows just the place in cities across the US and Canada to hit up for goodies so extra, they’re guaranteed to surprise and impress ’em all… including your meathead uncle and veganista bestie.

Vromage, Los Angeles, CaliforniaEven the most staunch plant-based peeps are prone to visions of cheese plates dancing in their heads. “It was merely a dream, until Vromage opened… I’ve had maybe a dozen types and I can’t stop shoving it in my face. Mozzarella, Pepper Jack, herbed Brie, Gorgonzola, white cheese with truffle, it goes on and on.” – Justin N.

Dr. Cow Tree Nut Cheese Corp, Brooklyn, New YorkBelieve your very eyes. “Tucked behind a tiny storefront in Williamsburg, is the magic of Dr. Cow… raw, dairy-free cheeses that would please even the omnivores at your next party.” – Ken S. And yes, they will ship these enchanting creations to you overnight!

The Herbivorous Butcher, Minneapolis, MNSome might say, no party would be complete without the meat. “I discovered their vegan Sriracha Brats at a Twins game on a visit thanks to Yelp. Loved them enough to ship two packs of those and some of the other items they offer online back to Seattle for me and a vegan friend to try. The consensus was, even shipped across the country, they were pretty amazing.” – Brian S.

Gusta, Montréal, QuebecTubed meats make for veritable pig-outs, but the kind at Gusta has Wilbur sleeping easy at night. “The sausages are made with gluten science and spices, and taste pretty great…” – Risa D.

The Butcher’s Son, Berkeley, CAFried chicken anyone? Yaaaaas, says everyone at the party! The Butcher’s Son’s breaded birdless bird has “very tasty, great texture and an amazing crunch. Unlike real fried chicken that can be too dry or lack flavor due to poor cheap quality meat, vegan fried chicken is crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside.” – Jenny Z. Oh, but there’s so much more, like their special holiday pre-order smoked porchetta. Pinch me, because it’s vegan.

Spiral Diner & Bakery, Dallas Fort Worth & Denton, TX
Sides might steal the show if you order ahead from Spiral Diner’s Holiday Sides menu before heading to that special dinner you were invited to. The “mac and cheese was out of this world. Perfectly cheesy and so decadent, I couldn’t believe it wasn’t cheese.” – Tina C. Because, really, mac ‘n cheese, not to mention garlic rosemary mashed potatoes and gravy, really do make everything better. PS. Don’t forget the pie, because they’ve got that too!

Missionary Chocolates, Portland, ORWho in their right mind is not going to go gaga over a box of chocolates? “This chocolate is clearly the work of a perfectionist, as each one is gorgeous, perfectly flavored and dairy-free to boot… what you find with Missionary Chocolates is nothing short of bliss… Christmas stocking treats are decided!” – Kristy F.  Order  seasonal truffles in flavors like Blood Orange Cardamom and Candy Cane Crunch.

Mudpie Vegan Bakery & Coffeehouse, Kansas City, MOChristmas without cookies is like Fourth of July without fireworks and if you happen to be in Kansas City, a baker’s dozen from Mudpie is sure to make an explosive impression. “Our first time we tried a few different baked goods, and each bite was like a slice of paradise in your mouth. The no-bake cookie, is by far one of the best I’ve ever had. I recommend you buy one, or two, or maybe 12. I wouldn’t blame you.” – Dani M.

Capital City Bakery, Austin, TXSanta himself might lose his mind over the oatmeal cookie sandwich at Capital City Bakery. “Two oversize oatmeal cookies with a delicious sweet cream filling. This was absolutely my favorite thing here! The cookies were soft, but still firm enough to pair well with the cream. Delicious!” – Lanie L.

Harmony Bakery, Baltimore, MDVegan and gluten-free guests need not fret for there’s plenty (i.e. all!) at Harmony Bakery. “The attention to detail in terms of flavors, sweetness, and texture are often lost when dealing with gluten-free flours and ingredients (as many celiacs know), but Harmony is the real deal. On top of it, all of their food is free of refined sugars and vegan, so every single baked good has the perfect amount of sweetness and ingredients that make you feel good.” – Polly C. Check out the nut-free baked goodies, too!

Girls Gone Vegan, New Orleans, LA

Available on special order for the holidays, GGV has whipped up peppermint stick brownies, cranberry orange bread (using local satsumas), biscuits and gravy, pull-apart dinner rolls… among other tasty vegan and gluten-free delectables. “Just on taste alone, GGV wins. There is no contest. Fresh ingredients. Perfect portions (ahem, double portions), and the added benefit of being in heaven with every bite.” – Alli K.   And they ship, y’all!

Beechwood Doughnuts, Saint Catherines, OntarioDon’t forget the doughnuts! Never ever forget the doughnuts. Did you know, donut love knows no borders? “This place is worth the drive from Buffalo! These doughnuts are delicious, and they’re vegan. They’re BIG AND WORTH EVERY CALORIE.” – Brianna N. Holiday flavors like sugar plum, egg nog and gingerbread are sure to please the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future!

Some might argue ’tis the season for eating! Yelp wishes you the merriest, brightest, happiest time, no matter what or how you celebrate.