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BBQ: It’s What’s For Dinner In Cool Springs

Sunday Supper is a tradition that recognized throughout the South (well, the world, really). Regardless of what part of the globe from whence you come, sitting down at the family table on a Sunday to prepare for the week to come or debrief from the week that was, is something to which everyone can relate. But we all know that those meals are best had with delicious food that evokes strong memories and promotes good times. That’s where Franklin Soul comes in. Y’see, the name is not just a descriptor; it’s the basis on the business. Chef Reuben has created a menu and a restaurant that is the perfect start of your week or end of your day. The Yelp Nashville Elite Squad was fortunate to come, sit, eat, drink, and share like family. From sweet tea to lemonade and from smoked ribs to mashed potatoes topped with pot roast to bacon-wrapped meatloaf to grandmama-approved mac & cheese to bread pudding, every guest ate like kings and queens. Scratch that. Every guest ate like family. Adding to the family feel, guests brought – and swapped – family recipes at the end of the event… reminding everyone that no matter where you’re from, food (and, the traditions around it) is the great connector. Did you miss out on the family fest? Check out reviews here and photos here. Now, while Franklin Soul isn’t open for dinners on Sunday, it’s open for dinners every other day of the week. If food that touches your soul and fills your belly is a tradition you share with friends and family, there’s a spot in Cool Springs that needs to see you & yours soon. Listen for the dinner bell!

 Event Sponsors: Franklin SoulBenjamin Gibbs Photography