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An Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony with Yelp LA

In honor of Women’s History Month, Yelp LA Elite members were treated to a cultural experience courtesy of Sara Gebremedhin, owner and founder of Saraye’s Coffee. Yelpers received beautiful, colorful kits in the mail which were comprised of a traditional clay-like coffee pot known as a jebena, colorful mini ceramic cups and saucers known as sine and a finely ground bag of Saraye traditional Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee.

Woman-owned and operated, this coffee business gives back in a major way supporting humanitarian efforts monetarily, specifically in the war-torn area of Tigray, Ethiopia. Yelpers showed support for these efforts and learned about the intricate process that goes into preparing this bold, tasty, uber-caffeinated drink.  Yelpers were stoked to enjoy their homemade brews and take in some major cultural knowledge along the way! 

But don’t take it from us, check out the reviews of the experience and the vibrant photos, along with the full story about this amazing local business! Cheers!