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A Night In The Jungle Gym

Is the next American Ninja Warrior living in Tampa Bay? And furthermore, are they on the Yelp Elite Squad? 

Photo by Rebecca G. via Yelp

On June 16 some of the bravest and most adventurous members of the Tampa Bay Yelp Elite Squad met at The Jungle Gym in St. Pete to learn the sport of Ninja. The gym was unlike anything anyone had seen before. 

Instructors and professional Ninja warriors led the Squad through multiple obstacle courses, after teaching the group how to stretch and fall. The Warped wall, rings, and balance courses pushed guests to new heights – literally. It also inspired a connection and community amongst the group that will be cherished in their hearts forever. Guests refueled after class with protein balls from Central Ave Nutrition. Read more about the obstacles and experiences on Yelp. 

The Jungle Gym is a family-owned and operated business. Jason and his family built obstacles in their backyard where they could train for American Ninja Warrior and eventually invited the community in. Eventually, the family took a new kind of leap of faith and opened their own gym. With classes for ages 3+, all level-friendly, and even a weight room, they have something for everyone. To keep to the roots of their community spirit they still offer open gym time to explore and play, on Monday through Thursday for $12 and on Friday and Saturday for $15. 

To learn more about the classes offered at The Jungle gym head to their website,

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