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A day in the life of a community ambassador with Aaron S of Yelp Augusta

After nearly 5 years leading the charge for Yelp Augusta as Community Ambassador, we’re catching up with Aaron S to learn all about life as Community Ambassador in Augusta, GA. Whether creating useful collections featuring some of the most Yelper-beloved businesses in Augusta or partnering with local Augusta businesses to connect the local Yelp Community to these amazing businesses, Aaron sure knows his way ‘round town. Read on to learn more about the life of a Community Ambassador and a bit more about Augusta from this local expert to boot!

What is it that you love about Augusta?

Augusta exemplifies diversity. From cultural cuisine to community events to numerous artists at work, it is the perfect snapshot of how our differences make us beautiful. And yes, this translates into restaurants and bars. On one corner you’ll find a whiskey bar serving up panko breaded pork loin and inventive burgers topped with peanut butter and banana. Go down the road a bit further and you’ll find a wine bar next door to a taproom. That is no single word or phrase to describe Augusta and I’m here for it!

What’s your day look like on a day when you’re hosting a Yelp event?

I believe the difference between a good and great event is found in the details. So, though I have walked through it a hundred times and communicated with every participating business, organization, and Elite Yelper in addition to having my bag packed and ready, I think through it again. I try to keep my schedule light on event day, checking the weather while enjoying my morning coffee. This helps me to think of details such as being onsite an hour early with a leaf blower to clean off the space or hatching an idea to put crayons in a vase to represent our diversity.

 What’s your ideal Augusta day?

Augusta is best experienced on Saturdays and on foot. I would first make my way to the Augusta Market to pick up veggies, jerk chicken, mac ‘n cheese, and an Americano. At the market, I would take in all of the aromas and sounds and then walk on down the Savannah riverfront. From there, I’d hit Broad Street for all of my downtown favorites. I’d stop at my favorite book shop, The Book Tavern, then head to check out the selection at Grantski Records, and grab a matcha latte at The Bee’s Knees. Then it would be off to the Canal Trail where the sounds of nature, birds chirping, and the waterfall make for an instant escape from city life 

Photo of Grantski Records by Elite Yelper, Sandra F

What is something about Augusta that outsiders might not know/might get wrong? 

Being the home of James Brown and the Masters, many seem to think all we do is listen to music and play golf. They are only half wrong. We love both, but our arts community is also thriving. From murals and public sculptures to art galleries (with one being inside a juice bar!) artists are to be found in many facets. 

Photo of Humanitree House by Yelper Amanda H

What’s your superpower when it comes to your role as community ambassador? 

If I were an insect, I would assuredly be a spider because I have a built in expansive network here. This is due to my ability to turn any face-to-face interaction into a connection. Whether it’s a broker at the bar, a dessert chef at the Market, or a friend of a friend across town—once I get a name and  handshake the connection is instantaneous. What is the secret sauce that makes this happen? My love for local businesses, organizations, and of course, people.

What do you love about the Augusta Yelp Elite Squad? 

Besides being the best (I’m a little biased), I am proud to say they are some of the most welcoming people I know. Whether it’s a new Elite, a plus one at an event, or business owner, they invite others to join in like the family they are. Repeatedly event hosts share how fun and friendly the Augusta Yelp Elite Squad is to be around. They make me look good!

As an active Yelper and Community Ambassador, you take lots of pictures and write about food frequently. What’s on your foodie bucket list?

I am often one of the first at a new business when it opens and having been here for almost 13 years, there is very little I’ve yet to try. There is a West African restaurant, however, called Timbuktu Cafe that serves beef maafe that I am desiring to try soon. That is top of my foodie bucket list currently.

What’s your biggest learning from your experience as a Community Ambassador?

Local business owners are a tight knit community. Even competing businesses know and support each other.

Just can’t get enough of Aaron? Check out all of his reviews on Yelp! If you still want more, follow along on Instagram as he continues to explore Augusta. Want to learn more about the Community Ambassador program and available positions? Check out