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9 ways to make your home more energy efficient with Green Home Logic Inc.

With fall already here and winter only a few months away, we sat down with Geoffrey Katz, CEO of Green Home Logic Inc, to learn about the steps you can take to address your home’s energy efficiency.  Geoffrey and his team have helped hundreds of residences across the region and with these nine tips, you may reduce your long-term costs while making your home more comfortable to live in.

“At Green Home Logic (GHL), we are well aware that no two homes are alike. Furthermore, we understand that no two clients are alike. Therefore, we deal with each home and client on a case-by-case basis to provide a custom tailored package developed to ensure the highest level of cost savings and comfort are achieved.” – Geoffrey Katz, President and Ceo of Green Home Logic

1. Schedule an energy audit with an expert

A home energy audit is a full assessment of everything impacting your home’s energy efficiency.  This includes its overall construction, HVAC system, thermostat, and much more! With an audit you’ll receive recommendations on how you can enhance your home’s energy performance and save you big money on your energy bills.  Better yet, you can often receive a free home energy audit if working with your local utility company or energy provider. Contact your energy provider or to find a certified Home Energy Auditor near you, click here.

2. Seal air leaks and improve insulation

Effective insulation will slow down the rate at which heat flows out of your house during the winter. Improving the insulation in your home and sealing air leaks are the fastest ways to make your home more cost and energy efficient. When it comes to insulation, your contractor’s expertise is more important than which material you choose. That’s where Yelp comes in! To find a qualified insulation professional near you, click here. Thinking of upgrading or replacing your windows? If your windows are old and leaking, it may be time to replace them with energy-efficient models or to boost their efficiency with weatherstripping and storm windows.

3. Maintain your existing heating and cooling systems

Did you know that heating and cooling your home typically makes up at least half of your utility bill? Don’t lose your cool just yet— by combining proper equipment maintenance and upgrades with recommended insulation, air sealing, and thermostat settings, you can cut your heating and cooling energy use and also reduce environmental emissions a whopping 20%-50%!

4. Replace that old furnace with a high-efficiency system

We all love a good antique but if your furnace was built before 1992 and utilizes a standing pilot light, it probably wastes about 35 percent of the fuel it uses! Chance are too, it may be near the end of its service life. Early replacement with a condensing furnace (with annual efficiency of at least 90 percent) is often recommended as they may save you as much as 27 percent on your heating bill!

5. Smarten up your home with smart meters

The saying is true… Good communication is key to any healthy relationship. Smart meters can keep your energy system going steady by providing two-way communication between you and your utility company.  Not only do they display your home energy use in real-time and help you find ways to save energy and money, they can even allow you to adjust your thermostat or turn appliances off remotely!

6. Upgrade your lighting

We all have that family member who leaves the light on in every room in the house.  Timers and motion sensors can save you big time by reducing the amount of time lights are on when not needed.  From compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and light-emitting diodes (LEDs), these steps might cost a bit more up front but they can reduce the impact on your wallet in the long run. 

7. Consider upgrading to Energy Star appliances

ENERGY STAR and its partners have helped American families and businesses save more than 4 trillion kilowatt-hours of electricity. Now, that’s a lot of energy! When shopping for new appliances, look for the “ENERGY STAR” label, which is awarded to home and office products that are highly energy-efficient. To find a local appliance store near you, click here

8. Harness the power of the sun!

So you’ve already made your home as energy efficient as possible yet you still have high electricity bills, what gives?! You might consider generating your own electricity with a solar power system. Because of the complexity and need for proper installation, even the most experienced DIYers might want to call a professional solar contractor for this one. To find a solar installation expert near you, click here.

9. Take advantage of new tax incentives to improve your home

Federal tax incentives are often available for energy efficiency upgrades to existing homes. Find policies and incentives available in your state by clicking here.  

This information was brought to you by Green Home Logic, a licensed Residential Insulation Contractor for the Long Island and NYC area.  They are proud to be a Veteran-Staffed business and offer discounts for Active, Reserve and National Guard Military Personnel, as well as Veterans of all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. You can find more tips and resources from Green Home Logic here

Joel Hanson (Home Energy Auditor), Geoffrey Katz (President & CEO), Jacob Henshaw (Project Manager)