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9 Spooky Spots In California To Find Things That Go Bump In The Night!

Photo by Ann S from Whaley House Museum in San Diego.

‘Tis the season to get scary! Whether you only seek the supernatural around Halloween-time or you’re one of those that are super into haunted hotspots year-round, we’ve conjured up a spooky list of places around California that are known to be crawling with paranormal activity!

Paranormal Tours at the Queen Mary – Long Beach, CA
“During the tour we went to a number of places; the engine room, overlooked the boiler room, the pool, and many other haunted locations throughout the ship. Our tour guide, Paul, was very informative and made the stories very interesting whether it was about a paranormal experience or the history of the ship, and he had a good sense of humor…” – Elite Yelper Kirsten Hope O

Photo by Elite Yelper May A

OC Ghosts and Legends Tour – San Juan Capistrano, CA
“We met our guide, Charles, at the Royce mansion in Orange. May I say that we felt so lucky to have him as our guide because he was so passionate about the paranormal! Charles was so knowledgeable about all of the buildings and hauntings surrounding the plaza and threw in the appropriate amount of humor to spark the interest of the group. It was like a terrific history lesson wrapped in paranormal facts.” – Yelper Michelle P

Photo by Yelper Cris A

San Francisco Ghost Hunt Walking Tour – San Francisco, CA
“This was a great ghost tour filled with delightfully creepy ghost stories and whimsical antic dotes from the past. After the tour, I looked into several of the stories and interesting characters that he talked about. He really did his research!” – Yelper Paul D

Photo from the Business Owner

San Diego Ghost Tours – San Diego, CA
“If you watch the ghost hunting shows, you will be able to duplicate the experience somewhat on the expedition, in cemeteries, battlefields and by the Whaley House. We were a little skeptical, but the evidence was strong. I have no system of belief to explain the phenomenon (ghosts, spirits, energy), but we were able to observe it clearly.” – Yelper Lee M

Photo by Yelper Liz R

Haunted Orange County – Santa Ana and Orange, CA
“The tour itself was more eerie than scary. We didn’t see anything, but several of the stories stuck with me after the tour, to the point where I woke up in the middle of the night feeling spooked. I’ll never be able to look at some of the buildings the same way again!” – Elite Yelper Jennifer V

Photo by Yelper Chrissy P

Haunted Santa Monica Ghost Tours – Santa Monica, CA
“Candice and Zack are so kind and knowledgeable! It was fun to hear their stories and tour Santa Monica in such a unique way! It is funny and a little spooky. My favorite part was hearing about the seance they have had in the specific areas. Would certainly recommend it. I wasn’t super scared but I thought I felt tingles at certain points.” – Yelper Caitlin S

Photo by Yelper Jenny A

Dearly Departed Tours – Los Angeles, CA
“We get in the van, which is a very nice air-conditioned vehicle and go out to see all of the places where celebrities either OD’d, were killed, committed suicide, or had indiscretions with the law. We stopped at a small Westwood Cemetery where people such as Marilyn Monroe, Hugh Hefner, Merv Griffin, Rodney Dangerfield, and Farrah Fawcett were buried.” – Elite Yelper Dan L

Haunted San Diego – San Diego, CA
“Our host, Rosalinda, was charming. She did a great job telling stories in a theatrical manner that held my attention. It was fun going into the William Heath Davis House and we had an actual ghostly experience.” – Yelper Dawna C

Photo by Yelper Kessi W

Napa City Ghosts and Legends Walking Tour – Napa, CA
“This was my first paranormal tour and it did not disappoint! The tour was very interactive! We were each given our own tools and we were even allowed to ask questions to the spirits.” – Yelper Meg W

Want to experience other ghastly adventures across the country?! Use Yelp to find other unique and not-of-this-world activities wherever your travels may take you!