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Support local with these one stop holiday shops

The pandemic has changed just about everything that we do and how we do it, and the holidays are no exception. With the holiday season in full swing, small local businesses are counting on us more than ever to help support them and the small businesses that they support as well. Sure, online shopping has its perks and sometimes the deals are just too good to pass up, but giving locally made items can go a really long way.

We’ve selected a few of our favorite local gift shops from around the Ocean State that have partnered with other small, local businesses to help fill their stores. From locally made jams & jellies to block printed tees and hats, there is something for everyone at the businesses in this Collection on Yelp. 

  1. Rhody Craft – Providence, RI

“The perfect place to grab the perfect gift for that someone special. Looking for a nautical scarf for Aunt Julie? A quirky RI themed T-shirt? Silly socks on your list? Well, Rhody Craft has it all!” 

– Yelp RI Community Manager, Michael P.

  1. Frog & Toad  – Providence, RI

“I love this store and all the fun and unique items you can find here. This locally owned, family run business has strong ties to the community and has done an excellent job of using their voice and influence to highlight other neighboring businesses, support social causes, and provide a level of whimsy and hope. I have purchased several gifts for other people and have made the conscious choice to do as much of my holiday shopping locally. They offer fast, free shipping for orders over $25 or curbside pickup, making it super easy to shop safely.” 

– Yelp Elite Kirsten S. 

  1. Stock Culinary Goods – Providence, RI

“This place is small(ish) but mighty. It’s always our first stop when needing any kitchen gear, gadgets or even cool gifts. If you can’t find something, just ask – they almost always have it. The team here is among the friendliest of any business I’ve been to since moving to RI four+ years ago. Fun cocktail napkins, oodles of bar ware, lots of pots/pans, potholders, the coolest & quirkiest of cookbooks, coasters, sauces, spices, sponges, the list goes on and on.”

 – Yelp Elite Brian M.

  1. The Fantastic Umbrella Company –  Charlestown, RI

“What an unexpected little treasure.. if you enjoy walking through nature… shopping for

Unique gifts, then this place is for you!” – Yelper Natalie F. 

  1. Craftland – Providence, RI

“This is where you need to go if you are looking for the perfect and unique local gift. LOTS of interesting art, jewelry, t-shirts and so many perfect cards for any occasion. They are taking health precautions seriously with signs and open doors and lots of reminders to sanitize before touching merch. My go-to for any hostess or holiday gift..” – Yelper Trina S.