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From South Pasadena to Azusa, Yelp’s got you covered

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On 6/26, you’ll embark on a journey to walk, run, bike, skate, and explore the 626. With over 18+ miles of area to cover, you’ve got more important things to concentrate on than finding a bite or a beverage, so we’ve picked eight Yelper-approved spots near each of the eight hubs for you to get your grub on!

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Heirloom Bakery, South Pasadena Station Hub

Photo by Yelper Lola V

Literally a hop, skip, and a jump from the South Pasadena Metro Station, Heirloom proves that you don’t need a Denny’s or Carrow’s to make your ten dollar bill go far when it comes to breakfast, brunch, lunch, or Dracula dinner if you work at night and relax during the day.”
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B-Man’s Teriyaki & Burgers, San Marino High School Hub

Photo by Yelper Eric H

“I’ve been coming here ever since it opened. My go-to is the ABC burger with extra pickles and teri sauce. Listen to me, they DON’T skimp! It’s a beautiful, messy burger.”
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Clearmans Galley, LA County Michillinda Park Hub

Photo by Yelper Melody Y

The cheeseburger is to die for. They throw thousand island and chili inside of it. How dare they make it so darn delicious! I want one right now. And I just had it yesterday!”
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Omar’s Pizzeria, Arcadia Station Square Hub

Photo by Yelper Stephanie H

“They make their dough fresh every day. EVERY DAY. When it’s gone, it’s gone, so order early! It’s so genuine, I think they must import their water from NYC…or something!”

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Nano Cafe, Monrovia Station Square Hub

Photo by Michelle L

Yummy! Good ‘ol American Diner breakfast and lunch plus some other varietal options. Big menu. Great for breakfast or lunch. Nice service.”

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Chicky BBQ & Grill, Duarte/City of Hope Hub

Photo by Yelper Gail D

The spicy beef was full of flavor and has a kick to it. The fried egg was a hardboiled egg that has been further fried to have a crust enveloping the egg-y goodness. Mix in the sweet, sour, and spicy sauce, you get another flavor profile that goes well with the rest of the combination meal.”

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Picasso’s Cafe, Irwindale Station Hub

Photo by Yelper Lorena M
“I had an Ahi Tuna sandwich on freshly made ciabatta bread and the veggie pasta on special. Both great and filling. I will be back again!”

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Congregation Ale House, Downtown Azusa Hub

Photo by Yelper Andrea A
On my last visit I got the grilled artichoke, pulled pork brie sandwich and the fried tortilla chips with spicy guacamole dip. I must say I was thoroughly impressed with everything I ate. The drinks are good too, but very unique as they are a micro-brewery.”