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Manchester’s Local Gems: Spin Factory

This weeks local gem has a health kick to it as we caught up with Ross Sommers, Head Trainer at Spin Factory to get behind the scenes on their Indoor Cycling business and what makes their wheels go round (sorry).

Ross, tell us a little bit about your business & what you do there?

Manchester Spin Factory and Pro Spin Ashley are specialist indoor cycling studios. We provide the ultimate spinning experience, combining great music, lights and amazing trainers.

We also provide tailored cycling specific classes on our watt bikes which give you a huge amount of data about you as a rider e.g. Power out put and pedaling by technique.

How did you get started?

We opened our Ashley site in January 2015 and Spin factory opened in May.  First we found our venues then built them to the spec we desired and recruited our amazing team.

What has been/is your biggest challenge?

Showing people that spinning is for everyone. Not just people who are fit and active, or people who are into cycling. That is a barrier for a lot of people who haven’t tried it before. They are nervous about trying it as they feel it’s for cyclists.

How do you use customer feedback with your team?

We share it with the relevant person or department and act on this in the most sensible and efficient way.

What excites you the most about owning/running a business in Manchester?

Manchester is an amazing city. It is all about quirky businesses and new concepts. We knew we would fit right in.

There you have it, if you’re looking for a new, fun way to get fit, check Spin Factory out and say hello to Ross and the gang!