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The 6 Really Important People To Thank This Season

It isn’t the season for giving — yet — but it is the season for saying “thank you.” We assume you’ve got the essentials covered: Mom, Dad, your dog, your l’il baby cousin. Just don’t forget about the folks in your day-to-day who really make a difference. We’ve rounded up just a few.


yelp barista thanksgiving

The Barista. He knows that “room for milk” doesn’t mean “give me half a coffee.” You want as much coffee as that little paper cup will hold. You need all the coffee that little paper cup can hold.

record store lady thanksgiving

Record Store Lady. She had your back when you said “I need some records that will make my friends think that I am cool and have good taste.” You are not cool and you do not have good taste… yet. With her help, you might get there.

auto shop thanksgiving

Your Auto Shop. You don’t know your muffler from your windshield wipers. The guy and gals at the repair shop are always on the level when you need something fixed and have no clue how much it should cost.

taqueria thanksgiving

The Taqueria Team. You came in for a burrito for lunch. And then another one for dinner. And then a breakfast burrito the next morning. They pretended they didn’t recognize you and didn’t know the gross thing you did. They definitely did, and played it cool. They crushed it.


Whoever’s running the Spotify playlist at your favorite bar. There’s no way they could have known how badly you needed to hear Call Me Maybe, but they did, and they saved your night.


The drywall repair specialist you found on Yelp. She didn’t ask any uncomfortable questions about how you wound up with a golfball-sized hole in the wall. You didn’t give any answers. The job was done very well.

Don’t have them in your life? Find them and folks like them on Yelp.