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5 Things To Do on Mondays in Taipei

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Photo: Charles Ryan T, Yelp

If you are visiting Taipei, Mondays are a general day off for a lot of business establishments. So make sure to check their hours on the Yelp app before making the trek! If you live in Taipei and you are tired of tourist destinations and want to explore the city, we at Yelp have put together a list of some of our favorite lesser-known businesses to help you make the most of your Monday.


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Photo: Christine S, Yelp

Taipei Public Library Beitou Branch: As Yelper Lisa H says, this is a “gorgeous library with stunning wooden architecture, outdoor balcony seating [with] free WiFi.” Not only is the building aesthetically pleasing, the Beitou Library is Taiwan’s first green library and frequently noted as one of the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly architectures of Asia. Browse through their collection and just enjoy the overall atmosphere to get away from the bustling city life.


Tip: Since you already made the trek, also check out nearby bathhouses for some hot springs!
Travel: Take Line 2 MRT Tamsui Xinyi Line (red) to Beitou Station.
Recommended time to go: Early afternoon.


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Photo: Jenson L, Yelp

Bitan: This aptly named destination (meaning green lake) located in Xindian offers a romantic getaway spot for couples and families. Perfect for bringing a picnic, enjoy your day either in the shade breathing in pythoncidere or rent a swan boat and take some stunning scenic photos from the center of the lake.


Tip: Bring walking shoes to explore the old Military Community in the Xindian neighborhood
Travel: Take Line 3 MRT Songshan Xindian Line (green) to Xindian Station.
Recommended time to go: Late afternoon – sundown.


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Photo: Roll N, Yelp

Flip Out: If the weather in Taipei happens to be less than ideal, try this indoor trampoline. Great fun for a wide age group and you also get a great workout. What were you saying about finding a gym during your stay, again?


Tip: There are many shops in this area, don’t hesitate on urban exploration.
Travel: Take Line 2 MRT Tamsui Xinyi Line (red) to Shuanglian Station.
Recommended time to go: Mid-morning, around 11 am.


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Photo: Claire C, Yelp

Huashan 1914 Creative Park: This refurbished factory and warehouse site is not just a tourist favorite! Locals also love coming here on weekends, which is why it is great to check out the exhibitions and shops on a Monday when there are no crowds and lines. There are plenty of coffee shops, bars, and restaurants nearby if you want to catch a break in between all the walking.


Tip: Do some research on what is showcasing ahead of time.
Travel: Take Line 5 MRT Bannan Line (blue) or Line 4 MRT Zhonghe Xinlu Line (orange) to Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station.
Recommended time to go: Right when they open.


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Photo: Ric C, Yelp

Songshan Cultural and Creative Park: A pretty cool multipurpose space in Songshan District. The area consists of a modern building by Eslite corporate as well as the original tobacco factory and warehouses. This park focuses on many local artisans and brands, boosting up and coming designers. Similar to Huashan, there are always exhibitions happening, so definitely check out what is currently on display. If you are tired, grab a bite at one of the many restaurants and cafes in the establishment or watch a movie at the theater. If you want to get creative, you can try your hand at pottery making, glass blowing, painting, leather workshops and more! They are open from 9AM until 6PM and the plaza area is open until 10PM. It’s definitely ideal to stop by some time on a Monday.


Tip: Book some classes early in advance to ensure a spot at more popular hours of the day
Travel: Take Line 5 MRT Bannan Line (blue) to SYS Memorial Hall Station.
Recommended time to go: Dinner time until closing at 10 PM.