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Tips from longtime Yelp Elites

Just like a fine wine or your favorite pair of Levi’s, your Elite badge just gets better with age. Elites with a black badge on their profile (maybe you’ve seen ’em?) have been on the Squad for ten or more years–that’s a lot of Yelping!

How do they do it? We asked a few of them to share their top tips for staying inspired year after year.

Adventure with Yelp as your guide

“I love that Yelp helps me keep track of where I’ve been and where I still want to go. I keep great lists of my favorite places. And it’s so nice to give feedback to restaurants, hotels, and stores that I visit.” – Krista J in Brooklyn, NY

Seek out hidden gems

“Show your fellow Yelpers some love, whether just a quick like or formal compliment. Look up venues and trust the force–Yelp has been accurate on both the good and bad of businesses. Review the funky finds in your city; Yelp lets you add the “Local Flavor” category. I used it to review a cowfield right in the middle of Miami Lakes.” – Sergio F in Miami, FL

Go beyond foodie finds

“I have two kids now, so I normally try and type in “toddler activities” and I’ll get a huge list of things to do. Or if you’re a dog lover, that’s all you have to type in and you can find a dog-friendly brewery, for example. Your imagination is your own limitation when it comes to Yelp.” – Eder P in Los Angeles, CA

Show writer’s block who’s boss

“Don’t delay or you might never find the “right” words. I write a rambling review draft or a few notes right away, then come back later to refine it. Having a draft waiting each time I visit Yelp is a good motivator to finish.” – Cherie C in Denver, CO

Keep it constructive

“I think it’s important to remember your words have power and to use them wisely and be respectful. Your reviews really do have an impact. I always think twice before I write something negative, and if I do, it’s helpful to be specific about feedback to promote change.” – Walker F in Austin, TX