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2020’s Trendiest Summer Cocktails

As summer kicks off, seasonal drink menus are popping up left and right. Every year, we look forward to seeing what trends hit the cocktail scene. The summer of 2020 will be one-of-a-kind, and we’re looking forward to drinks that stand that same test of originality. How do you plan to quench your thirst over the next few months? Try out one of these five trendy libations at a restaurant patio in your neighborhood. Looking to explore a new spot? Search here on Yelp for a “restaurant patio” near you. 

And if you find yourself staying in more this summer, don’t fret. Take these trends into your own hands and experience safely at home. Local restaurants and bars are sharing recipes more than ever and some are even offering fun cocktail kits. Be sure to peep your favorites on social and if you need to stock up your liquor cabinet, Yelp can help you find the best local options!

1. Kombucha cocktails — This bubbly and often fruity drink is being combined with all sorts of spirits and we are here – for – it! Ever since kombucha hit the scene, we’ve noticed restaurants and bars get creative by incorporating it into their cocktail menus. The mention rate of “boozy kombucha” has increased on Yelp by 377% between 2018 and 2019 and we expect this trend to continue throughout the summer months.

Photo by Yelper Brittany C. from the Brewkery in Kansas City, MO

2. Mocktails Also known as “zero proof cocktails” or “no-ABV cocktails,” these alcohol-free drinks are making a name for themselves on cocktail menus across the nation. Often made of fresh juice, carbonation, creative tinctures, or flavorful bitters, it’s never been cooler to skip the booze altogether and head straight for one of these exciting concoctions.

Photo by Yelper Nari C.
The “Lime in the Coconut” mocktail from Pacific Cocktail Haven.

3. Coffee cocktails What’s better than an energizing cup of joe? Well, how about a cup of joe, plus ice, plus booze! While we’ve seen the much-loved combination of coffee and alcohol before, it sure is making a splash on the summer cocktail scene in 2020. From spiked cold brews to boozy lattes, don’t be surprised if you see these libation creations on a menu in your city soon!

Photo by Yelper Nicole K. 
The “Mexican Jumping Bean” from Kobrick Coffee in New York, NY.

4. 80’s – 90’s cocktails Just like good fashion, these classic cocktails are making a comeback and we’re happy to see them showing face in 2020. This year we expect to see old favorites like the Cosmo, Strawberry Daiquiri, and the Old Fashioned to hit the scene. Thanks to higher quality spirits and fresh ingredients, we expect these classics to be innovative and elevated.

Photo by Yelper James M. 
Old Fashioned from Denmark in Columbus, OH

5. Gin cocktails One of the most underrated spirits in years past, gin is finally here and it’s staying for the summer. Often described as flavored vodka, gin is typically distilled with natural botanical ingredients such as juniper and citrus peels. This makes it an easy choice when mixing together a drink to wet your whistle in the hot summer heat.

Photo by Yelper Joyce W. 
The “Caged and Infused” from Machine in Chicago, IL 

There you have it folks! Five refreshing and delicious ways to say cheers to summer. Whether you enjoy while out on the town or decide to get creative at home, we hope you’re inspired to experience these trendy drinks for yourselves.