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20 destinations for spicy food lovers

With seasons changing and winter approaching, it’s time to spice things up. Spice flares up in many cuisines from Asian to Latin and in many forms such as hot sauce, salsas, and sandwiches. It’s the flavor you love and hate. We’ve rounded up a fiery list of eateries across the U.S. and Canada for all the spicy food lovers out there. Spice flares up in many forms from hot sauces, salsas, hotpot, and more. Be sure to check Yelp pages for up-to-date safety information regarding Covid-19, and make sure to visit their website for current menu items. Let’s spice up your life!

Wojia Hunan Cuisine – Albany, CA

“Best Hunan restaurant in the area! Real numbing spice and great flavor!” – Yelper Helen L

Tip: Popular dishes include sizzling mapo tofu and spicy boiled fish.

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Barelas Coffee House – Albuquerque, NM

For me, Barelas Coffee House is representative of what it means to grow up New Mexican. Not to be cheesy, but it truly takes me back to my great grandma’s kitchen.” – Yelper Destiny L

Tip: Try the red and green chile.

Sichuan Impression – Alhambra, CA

“My friends were constantly choking on themselves and fanning their tongues throughout the meal, but they enjoyed it.” – Yelper Anthony I

Tip: Yelpers love the boiled fish with rattan pepper.

Texas Chili Parlor – Austin, TX

“If you like hearty, meaty, thick bowls of delicious spicy chili, this is the place for you!” – Yelper Blankette G

Tip: Try the XXX chili. Description on the menu is: “Hot, hot, hot.”

Istanbul Mediterranean Grill – Avon, OH

“Their authentic Turkish cuisine made by a chef that takes great pride in cooking fresh, made from scratch dishes!” – Yelper Jason W

Tip: Dip everything in the spicy red tomato sauce. 

Apey Kade – Fullerton, CA

“I was prepared to eat fire because Sri Lankan food is the hottest I’ve ever had.” – Yelper Jim R

Tip: Sri Laken cuisine favorites include the lambrais and pol sambol.

Spicin Foods – Kansas City, KS

“When you get out of the car, you immediately smell the spice from the parking lot.” – Yelper Michelle N

Tip: Try the Da’Bomb Beyond Insanity Hot Sauce. It was featured on the First We Feast series Hot Ones.

Cho Dang Gol – New York, NY

“Delectable authentic Korean food that packs a hefty spice.” – Yelper Annie R

Tip: Yelpers love the galbi jjim and kimchi jjigae.

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Lotus of Siam – Las Vegas, NV

“Solid Thai food and if you appreciate this type of cuisine, Lotus of Siam is your place. Don’t take Thai spice for granted, when they say spicy, they actually mean spicy!” – Yelper Tami N

Tip: Yelpers love the khao soi and garlic prawns.

Royal’s Hot Chicken – Louisville, KY

“Two of us split the GONZO (hottest level) chicken sandwich, complete with a waiver and gloves. Let me just say, if I had to eat the entire sandwich (not just half), it would have hurt real bad.” – Billy D

Tip: Get a side of milk. 

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Ghee Indian Kitchen – Miami, FL

“I’m super sensitive to spicy food, but when I go here. I will eat their food even when I’m drenched in sweat (don’t judge me).” – Juliette Q

Tip: Yelpers also love the spicy papaya salad: local homestead papaya, cucumber, green mango, onion, tomato, peanuts, kashmiri chili, lime.

Chahaya Malaysia – Ottawa, Canada

“One great thing is if you ask for spicy, they can do very spicy…I had to take a gulp of ice water with each bite.” – Mimi J

Tip: Yelpers love the chili fish.

Fire on the Mountain – Portland, OR

“As the name implies, they have the ‘fire’ in spicy sauces, which I love! Especially the ones that are sweet with heat.” – Yelper Kim G

Tip: Yelpers also love the spicy peanut wings.

Chili Talk – Rockville, MD

“I found it so spicy that I had to breathe through my mouth.” – Yelper Cathy M

Tip: Known for their spicy dry hot pot. 

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MaLuBianBian – Rowland Heights, CA

“If you love spicy hot pot, this is the place to be!  Wow the broth is pretty spicy, but a good kind of spicy, not the I’m going to die spicy.” – Yelper Danny N

Tip: Try the ma la spicy soup base.

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Hmong Village – Saint Paul, MN

“I immediately ordered a papaya salad from Mai’s Deli. I pity the fool who orders more than one pepper!” – Yelper Kara D

Tip: Spice level is based on how many peppers you’d like grinded in.  

Tea Rose Diner – Salt Lake City, UT

“​​This is the best Thai food we have ever had. And, when they say hot- they mean it. We cook daily with hot peppers at our house, and this is the first place in a long time where we really were struggling- and only with a 4/5 heat level.” – Yelper Erika M

Tip: You can order curries in spice levels from 1-10, but you must sign a waiver if you try anything above a level 7.

Churchill’s Pub & Grille – San Marcos, CA

“Every time I decide I’m going to be brave and get Ivan’s Revenge, people talk me down from it.” – Yelper Clayton B

Tip: Get the Ivan’s Revenge on wings or a burger.

The Palace Grill – Santa Barbara, CA

“The cajun martini is a house special and a must try…a pint or quart size. But be warned that they limit one per guest. Believe me, it’s enough.” – Yelper Chad B

Tip: The cajun martini consists of  vodka chilled and marinated with a fresh jalapeño pepper, a touch of vermouth, and served over ice with cherry peppers.

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King Of The Coop – Tampa Bay, FL

“If you’re looking for a no-frills chicken place, this is it. Sandwiches are flavorful with plenty of spice options for everybody.” – Yelper Khattiyuth C

Tip: Try the nashville hot chicken

Shoutout to all of these amazing eateries for being standouts in their community. We encourage you to give them a try next time you’re in the area! As previously mentioned, be sure to visit individual websites for current tap lists and Covid-19 safety information.

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