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10 Spring Cleaning Jobs You Love to Hate

Looking to freshen up your space? Need to deal with that black stuff on your bathroom tiles? (FYI, that stuff is alive.) Thinking about finally dealing with that wine stain on the carpet? Sure, the couch hides it pretty well, but feng shui doesn’t really work like that. Whether you’re about to take on a total refresh or just have a few odd jobs, here’s the good news: your yearly cleanup is about to get a lot, lot easier.

We’ve compiled a handy list of those jobs you love to hate and linked you straight through to a local services search of local pros on Yelp. Even better, we’ve got an awesome new tool that’s going to make your spring cleaning nightmares even easier to handle—Request a Quote. Now you can search on Yelp for what you need, send up to 10 quote requests at a time to the businesses you want to work with, and put up your feet as the responses roll in. Easy.

1. Cleaning the bathroom… or even worse, the oven.

Keeping up with cleaning is tough enough week by week, let alone those jobs we put off until spring. Is your oven haunted by the ghost of Thanksgiving past? Getting a cold sweat thinking about that space behind the toilet? Breathe. From window cleaning to home cleaning to deep cleaning—even air duct cleaning—there’s a local business out there that’s your perfect match.

2. Steam cleaning the carpets.

Wait, was that rug originally pink? We’ve all been there: You move that cabinet across the room and the carpet is a whole different color. Yikes. Or the kids have been playing “paint the rug.” Or you’ve been playing “spill the coffee.” If you’ve got a carpet crisis, we’ve got an answer. Find a local expert who can handle all of your carpet woes.

3. That growing pile of dry cleaning.

Spring cleaning isn’t just about making your house a home. Rummage through that pile of dry cleaning and alterations you’ve been ignoring and find some pros on Yelp to help freshen up old looks.

4. Weeding the garden and mowing the lawn.

You’re not getting shorter—your lawn is getting taller, which means it might be time to find a gardener or landscaper. The best part? You can enjoy the end result this summer without having to spend hours weeding or dragging a heavy mower around. Leg day is for the gym, not your backyard.

5. Cleaning the car.

Commuting is bad enough, let alone having to spend that car time in the company of dust, dirty windows, and the remains of that one time you stopped by the drive-in. You’ll feel the benefit of this one immediately.

Nobody wants to do anything that involves wearing protective gloves. So don’t.

6. Washing, brushing, trimming our four-legged friends…

Mr. Dog deserves a spring cleaning too. And, while we’re at it, so does Her Majesty The Fluff. Whatever your pet situation, they’ll love you even more if you give ‘em a groom. The good news is you don’t have to do it… there’s a professional out there who can handle the mess for you.

7. Repainting the walls… or the ceiling

No amount of artwork on the walls can hide that crusty paint job. The bright side? It’s an excuse to express a whole new you. You focus on the fun part—re-imagining your color palette—and we’ll help you find a painter and decorator to take on the job.

8. Decluttering the garage (or that one nightmare closet).

It happens to most people—you move a bunch of times and eventually some corner of your apartment becomes the shame closet of All The Things. Here’s the good news: Decluttering is great for your brain, because science. Stop holding on to that box of toys and magazines from 1983 and feel the weightlessness of letting go. (Unless there’s a vintage Chewbacca lurking in there. Then you should hold on forever.)

9. All those odd jobs that you never get done

You put them off year after year, but (just like going to the dentist) you’ll thank yourself in the long term if you get to it now. Dripping faucet? Shelves to put up? There’s a special kind of stress that surfaces with flat-pack furniture too. Find electricians, plumbers, a handyman, roofers, builders, and more on Yelp to tackle all the annoying chores you absolutely love to hate. The sense of relief will be worth it.

10. The big remodel…

OK, so this one’s for the brave. But, if you’ve been thinking about that big job for a while, find someone on Yelp who can help you get a sense of how big that big job really is.