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Seat More Guests And Increase Revenue: Yelp Waitlist Is At Your Service

On March 1st we officially welcomed Nowait into the Yelp family. We’re excited to offer an industry-leading waitlist management solution to help consumers have a better experience dining out, and help restaurants maximize covers and revenue. We’re now calling it Yelp Waitlist. 

Restaurant owners and managers are often under the impression that having a line of hungry customers is a good thing (“A long line shows I’m popular!”). In fact, your wait time is likely impacting your revenue. Long waits create hangry customers who leave, often during your busiest times. The restaurant industry averages 25% lost guests during peak hours.* That’s a lot of $$$ lost due to host over-quoting and long waits.  

With Yelp Waitlist, guests are happier, willing to wait longer, and are less likely to walk away. Instead of hovering in a lobby or shivering outside, your guests can add themselves to your waitlist remotely. Or, after being added to the list by the host, they are free to grab a before-dinner drink. Guests can track their wait time via smartphone and receive a text when a table is ready. This means fewer tables sitting open and more parties getting seated.

81% of diners are more likely to return to a restaurant who uses Yelp Waitlist

Once a guest experiences a Yelp Waitlist restaurant, guests come again and again. 81% of diners are more likely to return to a restaurant who uses Yelp Waitlist.**

Yelp Waitlist restaurants enjoy:

    • Smart Quoting: Our wait algorithm optimizes based on the business and can predict wait times 2X more accurately than most hosts.
    • Waitlist Management: One tap guest notification and two-way messaging makes pen, paper and pagers obsolete.
    • Custom Floormap and Server Sections: Efficiently manage seating and server rotation.
  • Integration with the Yelp App: Allows Yelp users to seamlessly add themselves to a waitlist with just a tap.
Gif of Nowait Product

To learn more about how Yelp Waitist drives more business for busy restaurants while meeting the needs of time strapped diners check out our infographic here.

More happy, hungry customers could be yours for the cost of your morning coffee and bagel. Ready to get started?

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*The Rail, December 2016
**Waitlist 2016 Guest Survey

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