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How to set holiday and special hours on Yelp

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On your Yelp Business Page, you can adjust specific hours and days of operation to show that they are different than normal. This helps consumers see when you’re open (but regularly wouldn’t be)—like on Christmas Eve for last-minute shopping—and clarifies when you’re closed, such as for a staff offsite or when everyone is home for Thanksgiving.

If you’re making the extra effort to extend hours for customer convenience, make sure people know you are open for business. As an added benefit, you’ll avoid any unhappy customers who didn’t realize you were closed on a holiday.

How to add special hours on Yelp

To update these hours while you’re on the go, open the Yelp for Business app, tap Biz Info at the bottom of the screen, and scroll down to Add special hours (under Operation hours). Choose from the suggested holidays or add another day. On each day, you can:

  • Verify that you are open or closed as usual
  • Set special hours to show you’re only open during a specific window of time
  • Mark your business as closed for the entire day

Special hours are set on a day-by-day basis, so add each day where your operating hours will be different from the hours regularly listed on Yelp.

Once you save and your special hours are set, you’ll be able to see them in two places.

1. Within your Yelp for Business account, the section will be titled “Upcoming special hours,” and each adjusted day will be listed. This can be edited at any time.

2. Consumers will see a special note at the top of your Yelp Business Page as well as in the hours section.

You can also adjust these hours at While you’re there, make sure to check that your regular operating hours are up to date too.

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