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How To Set The Gender-neutral Restrooms Attribute On Yelp

Today we’re rolling out a new business attribute that allows businesses to highlight that they offer gender-neutral restrooms for patrons. What constitutes a gender-neutral restroom, you ask? Gender-neutral restrooms are accessible to persons of any gender and are a locking, single-stall bathroom. The gender-neutral restrooms attribute indicates this is available at your business. 

So, how does this attribute get highlighted on your page? In two ways. The first is by asking Yelpers. We will begin asking users who check into or review businesses like restaurants and boutiques if those establishments offer restrooms that are gender-neutral. Additionally, businesses owners can edit the Gender-neutral restrooms attribute from their business users account.

Gender Neutral restroom attribute screenshots

If you would like to edit the gender-neutral restroom attribute, follow these steps:

  1. Login to Yelp for Business Owners
  2. Go to your Business Information
  3. Click to edit your basic information
  4. Under “Additional Information” find Gender-neutral restroom and select “Yes” or “No”
  5. Click “Save Changes”

Your preference as a business owner will override votes from the community. If you choose “Yes” then Yelp users will see that you offer Gender-neutral restrooms with an attribute that says “Gender-neutral restrooms: Yes.” If you choose “No,” or if the community votes indicate you do not offer Gender-neutral restrooms, the attribute will not show on your page at all.

To find out more about why Yelp has included this attribute, read our product announcement

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