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SeatMe is Now Yelp Reservations!

We’ve got big news: SeatMe is now Yelp Reservations!

Today we’re introducing you to a new name and a new look for the same Yelp SeatMe you know and love. Drumroll, please: We’re excited to re-meet you as Yelp Reservations. Along with the new name, you’ll soon see a new icon in the app, as well as a new logo. We designed this branding effort to better reflect our mission to connect millions of diners with great restaurants.

We didn’t stop with a new name and logo. We’re also launching several new features that will increase reservations — or, as we like to say: Put more butts in seats.

Yelp Reservations Booking Page
Yelp Reservations Booking Page

This month, we’re debuting a new and improved Yelp Reservations booking page. We’ve made it easier for your guests to make reservations by highlighting the most important information about your restaurant. That means available dates and times, directions, photos, and Yelp reviews.

Communal Tables Reservations
Communal Tables

We’re also adding an exciting new option to our table management system: Communal tables! Communal tables are becoming more and more popular every day. They’re great for maximizing space, so you can seat more guests at once. You can use Yelp Reservations to open up these tables to online reservations. Now your communal tables can now stay full — and keep turning.

The Yelp Reservations community has boomed in the past few years. Over the last 18 months, we’ve tripled the number of happy customers. That’s over 3,600 satisfied restaurants! In 2012, Yelp acquired SeatMe and together we’ve made our product even better. Through Yelp, we’ve extended the convenience of online reservations to thousands of businesses. And it works: Restaurants that have made the switch to Yelp Reservations have seen their online reservations increase an average of 29% in their first year.

Our name might be different, but our number one goal hasn’t changed: To increase total covers at your restaurant. We’re going to keep helping restaurants manage their front-of-house with top-shelf service on which you can depend.

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