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Nowait Is Now Yelp Waitlist!

We’ve got big news: Nowait is now Yelp Waitlist!

Today we’re introducing you to a new name and a new look for the same Yelp Nowait you know and love. We’re excited to re-meet you as Yelp Waitlist.

What does this mean for my restaurant?

No action is required by you! Starting May 1 your iPad will automatically update with the Yelp Waitlist name and logo. The host app will function exactly the same way it did before.

You will use your existing username and password to sign in to the Yelp Waitlist login screen.

Once logged in, tap Yelp Waitlist to get started. You and your staff will be able to view the waitlist, add parties, and notify and seat guests the same way as before.

What does this mean for my guests?

It will be business as usual! Hungry diners will continue searching near you to see live wait times and can instantly join your waitlist from the Yelp app. Guests who were still using the Nowait app to find a restaurant were fully transitioned to the Yelp app earlier this year.

Our name might be different, but our number one goal hasn’t changed: to increase total covers seated at your restaurant. We’re going to continue to build on the value we deliver in streamlining your front-of-house operations and providing 5-star hospitality for your guests.

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